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Success Story

guidl, a visionary startup in the travel, education and lifestyle industry, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionise historical exploration. Their goal was to create a geo-located audio platform, allowing people to create, host and enjoy audio tours that offer a unique and engaging way to interact with the world through personalised, location-sensitive content.

Customer Challenges

As a startup, guidl faced the daunting task of developing a comprehensive digital platform to launch and establish their business to create a new market. They also required a strong digital presence and IT support for their growing team.

Partner Solutions

Applicita Group was chosen to architect the entire digital ecosystem for guidl, this encompassed: 

  • A user-friendly mobile app for consumers
  • A native app tailored for content creators
  • A vibrant website to represent the guidl brand
  • Comprehensive IT Helpdesk support for staff

Customer Benefits

The creator app, launched in January, witnessing an overwhelming response from historians and content creators, enriching the platform with diverse, engaging content. The consumer mobile app is currently in its final testing phase, with an eagerly anticipated release scheduled for late February. This launch is set to redefine how consumers interact with historical content and experience their surroundings.

guidl's journey from a visionary startup to a leading platform in historical exploration showcases the power of innovation and collaboration. By addressing key challenges and leveraging expert solutions, guidl has created a unique product that enriches the way users interact with historical content, setting a new standard in the industry.

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Guidl innovative journey with Applicita Group

guidl, a visionary startup in the travel, education, and lifestyle industry, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionise historical exploration through a geo-located audio platform.