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Unveiling the New Era: Applicita Group

The Applicita Group represents growth, clarity, and our dedication to meeting your technology needs. We're excited for you to join us in this new chapter of our story!

Are we confusing digitization with digital transformation?

Digital transformation reimagines an organization's use of technology, people, and processes for new business models and revenue streams.

When outsourcing is the better option

We are frequently challenged by the question ‘why should we outsource’? Our answer is ‘you shouldn’t – not always’.

Questions to ask your bespoke software provider

How should a client with no software development experience choose a bespoke software provider?

What the heck is orleans and why your business should care

(Spoiler Alert: It saves you a great deal of money!)(Note: No software developers were harmed in making this article)

IoT: what is it and where is it going?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network comprised of physical objects capable of gathering, reacting to and sharing digital information.

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