About Us

Realising business potential through technology

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Our Story

Applicita is where technology meets ambition. In 2012 we began with a vision to stand alongside businesses, helping them unlock their potential and achieve their goals with the power of technology.

The change we champion

We believe in a future where technology is not a barrier but a gateway to opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Endless Possibilities

Our commitment is to democratise the digital landscape, where every enterprise, regardless of its scale, can leverage technology to unlock its full potential.

My mission is to be where businesses need us, serving as a reliable partner in enabling them to achieve their objectives through cutting-edge technology on the market.

John Kattenhorn, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Mission

From ambitious start-ups to established large enterprises, our services are designed to serve a spectrum of businesses, ensuring whether you are seeking modernisation, competitive edge, or operational excellence, we are here to support your path to success.

Our promise is a testament to our dedication: to stand alongside you in your technological journey and empower your growth.

To ensure that together, we can realize the endless possibilities that technology brings.

A proud “Microsoft-First” Partner and Supplier.

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Our Values

Forward Thinking

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment. We’re constantly exploring new frontiers, dedicating a substantial part of our resources to research and development. Ensuring that the technology we deliver is not just current, but cutting-edge.

Continual Progress

We’re on an endless quest for better—better solutions, better service, better results. Growth is the pulse of our company, propelling our team and clients towards excellence.

Collective Strength

Our partnerships are our power. We believe in uniting with others to create technology solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.

Collaborative Excellence

Our strength lies in the collective expertise and unity of our team. Only by working closely together, can we achieve exceptional results and create technology solutions that are reflective of our shared vision and goals.

Steadfast Promise

Our dedication is absolute. We are committed to our clients’ successes, our employees' well-being and advancing the broader technology conversation.

Client Empowerment

We define our achievements by the successes of our clients. Delivering effective, empowering solutions is the hallmark of our commitment to ensuring our clients not only meet their goals but surpass them.

Our Leadership

At Applicita Group, we believe that the core of our success lies in the strength and diversity of our leadership team. United by a shared vision and driven by a passion for excellence, our leaders are not just at the helm of our journey; they are the trailblazers shaping the future of technology in business.

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John Kattenhorn
Founder & CEO
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Marie Kattenhorn
CFO & Founding Director
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Sonja Rossteuscher
Non-Executive Director

Our Partners & Investments

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Microsoft Partner & Supplier: Our alliance with Microsoft places us at the cutting edge of technology. Together, we are setting new standards in software solutions, harnessing the power of cloud computing and AI, and delivering unparalleled services to our clients.

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Founding Partner of Live Tech Games: Together, we are redefining gaming experiences, combining live events with digital technology to create unique and interactive platforms in the entertainment tech space.

4R Digital black logo

Founding Partner of 4R Digital: Our partnership is a testament to our commitment to digital innovation and our shared vision of creating transformative digital experiences. An integral part in shaping the company's strategic direction.

Wilderness Labs blue text logo

Principal Partner & Investor of Wilderness Labs: As an early supporter through their Kickstarter program, we share a commitment to pioneering the future of IoT development with .NET. Our investment underscores our belief in their mission to democratize IoT with accessible and innovative technology.

Temporal black text logo

Temporal Partner: As Temporal's exclusive .NET partner in Europe, we're at the forefront of workflow orchestration and stateful applications. Our expertise in .NET enables us to leverage Temporal's capabilities, providing robust solutions for complex business processes.

L1 Racing green coloured text logo

Sponsor & IT Technical Partner of L1 Racing: We equip L1 Racing with robust IT infrastructure and a dynamic web presence, enabling the team to concentrate on what they do best: racing. Our support ensures they remain at the forefront of competition, both on the track and online.