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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Applicita ensure ROI for investments in IT in motorsport?

At Applicita, ROI is the key benchmark of our success. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every technology solution we implement directly enhances track performance. From streamlining operations for cost savings to bolstering communication, or even boosting revenue through heightened sponsorship visibility—our focus is on delivering measurable outcomes. Our objective is clear: every solution we provide is designed to make a significant impact, driving results and delivering a return for your team.

2. What specific IT challenges in motorsport does Applicita address?

We tackle a range of IT challenges specific to motorsport, including robust IT hardware and infrastructure that travels to fast communication in remote track locations, in the workshop or factory we provide the right level of hardware, infrastructure and software to work efficiency and securely without any excess.

3. Can Applicita's IT services integrate with existing systems used by motorsport teams?

Yes, our IT services are designed for seamless integration. We assess your current setup and work with your team to integrate new solutions that complement and enhance your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvement in operations.

4. How does Applicita contribute to enhancing fan engagement and sponsor attraction?

Our dynamic web platforms are crafted to captivate fans and offer sponsors valuable engagement opportunities. By combining the latest in digital marketing with user experience best practices, we create online spaces that tell your team's story and bring fans closer to the action, delivering value to sponsors.

5. What sets Applicita Motorsport apart from other IT providers in the motorsport industry?

Applicita Motorsport stands apart by leveraging our extensive experience in high-stakes enterprise  IT environments outside of racing, such as digital finance and logistics, to deliver innovative, motorsport-optimised technology solutions. We provide not just robust IT infrastructure and seamless communication for track and workshop needs but also specialise in creating engaging digital platforms for fans and sponsors. Our integrated approach ensures each solution not only meets the unique challenges of motorsport but also enhances team performance and market presence.