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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of backend services does Applicita provide for game studios?

Applicita offers a comprehensive suite of backend services for game studios, including but not limited to, multiplayer server hosting, matchmaking services, player data storage, leaderboards, in-game communication, and live ops management. Our infrastructure is designed to be robust, scalable, and secure, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

2. How does Applicita ensure the smooth interplay between game services and the game itself?

Our team of engineers collaborates closely with game development teams to select the best technological approach and communication protocols. The partnership involves regular communication, meticulous planning, and iterative testing to guarantee that the backend services align perfectly with the game mechanics and the overall player experience.

3. Can Applicita manage our game services after launch?

Absolutely. Applicita can continue to manage your game services post-launch to ensure smooth operation and quick resolution of any issues. Alternatively, we offer the flexibility to transition management to your in-house team when you feel ready, providing support and training as needed.

4. What makes Applicita stand out from other game service providers?

Applicita stands out with expertise from high-scale sectors like finance and logistics, bringing diverse perspectives to game service engineering. We work discreetly, empowering game studios while providing robust technological support. Our commitment lies in delivering tailored solutions, fostering close collaboration, and amplifying your presence in the gaming world as your silent partner.

5. How does Applicita handle scaling services for games that experience rapid growth?

Our game services are built on scalable cloud infrastructure that can handle sudden surges in player numbers without compromising performance. We continuously monitor game activity to anticipate scaling needs and implement solutions proactively, ensuring that player experiences remain uninterrupted during peak times and costs remain deduced when there is less demand.