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Live Tech Games are an exciting new company that create nationwide entertainment through live mobile gaming experiences.


LTG approached Applicita with a technical problem they were unable to solve.

the tech challenge

LTG had a concept for a rock-paper-scissors type game where thousands of people would arrive at a fixed time each day to play.  The challenge was scaling.  How could the platform be developed to allow for rapid scaling and respond to load?

What made this problem unique was that the tournament style gameplay required a rapid scaling solution – with numbers decreasing as the game tournament progressed.

the solution

Applicita architected and developed a proof of concept to test the validity of a reverse pyramid solution which could theoretically manage this unique scaling challenge.

the impact

Load Test results have confirmed the new gaming platform is able to cope with thousands of online players while supplying a premier gaming experience. The game has since been piloted in Open Beta, hosting public games with large cash prizes and is able to handle the downsizing of users on its platform.

Live Tech Games is now using the platform to host a Live TV pilot for ITV in 2021 and will continue to invest in the game platform to provide more features for consumers and businesses alike.

Applicita continue to partner with Live Tech Games as their journey continues.

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