improving the patient experience by digitising an IVF clinic's workflow

the business challenge

ARGC is one of the world's top IVF clinics, delivering the UK's highest success rates in IVF year on year.

Established in 1995 ARGC are medical pioneers, employing state of the art medical processes and procedures to deliver an exceptional service to their patients.

While ARGC deliver excellent care and outstanding results, many of their processes are paper based and labour intensive. Determined to improve the patient experience and reduce administrative overhead, ARGC decided they were ready to begin a process of Digital Transformation.

the tech challenge

As we engaged with ARGC they had already hired a young, tech savvy change agent to head up the new Patient Experience team. This team had already implemented some digital processes, including zoom consultations, digital consent forms and check-in and online registrations.  ARGC were making great strides, but recognised they needed expert help to complete the process.

Happily, for Applicita, ARGC had a very clear vision of where they wanted to be and what they wanted to achieve; to create a re-useable model of their unique ability to determine the best course of treatment for individual patients and to licence that model to other clinics, to scale to other locations within the UK and Globally and offer patient consultations through a medical avatar.

the solution

The first step for Applicita was to dig into the detail, so we began with a Discovery Process.  We spent time with a range of employees across the entire business to better understand their challenges and where process improvements could be made without unnecessarily disrupting their daily operations.

Part of this discovery also included coaching people in the business.  Change can be disruptive and resisted by some and because speed, accuracy and efficiency are vital to ARGC's patient care they were understandably nervous about a process of change that could negatively impact their success rates.

Mindful of these concerns Applicita developed a staged roadmap that would allow ARGC to implement change at a pace that worked for them and their patients and minimised disruption to their business.  Their custom roadmap describes how the entire patient journey can be rationalised and details each step of the process.

ARGC now have a comprehensive Digital Roadmap to the future.  It illustrates the true value of technology and how those changes align with the companies' goals, how those changes can be successfully implemented, and the results measured.

ARGC are now ready to begin the process of extending their reach into a global market and provide outstanding results to patients worldwide.  

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