automating post-brexit business processes for the uk government



Ether Solutions, is a leading technical consultancy in Robotic Process Automation who provide RPA solutions which automate repetitive rule-based tasks using automation bots.


Azure Cloud infrastructure for TSS + CCC (Customer and Excise / Brexit)

the challenge

As the UK prepared to leave the EU, new systems were required to manage shipments of goods to and from the EU from the UK. The UK government required a cloud environment that was scalable and secure to host critical systems required to manage new customs arrangements.

Applicita were approached by Ether Solutions – a specialist RPA consultancy dedicated to using technology to automate business processes.

the solution

As a key contributor to a consortium of companies we had the responsibility to design and deploy a complex Cloud environment using combinations of IaaS, PaaS and Virtual Desktop cloud services. Each environment had to pass rigorous external security audits to ensure compliance with partner standards.

Multiple cloud environments were designed, built and tested on time to allow other partners and agencies to deploy systems and processes and people ready for the deadline.

Applicita used its existing infrastructure-as-code composite framework to deploy the complex environment and by deploying environments using continuous deployment and integration techniques, We were able to respond to late adjusts in the design and rapidly deploy new environments on demand.

“Applicita developed a framework to automatically deploy our infrastructure changes automatically after initial testing, this codified infrastructure building was a wonderful innovation and was key to our success.”

David Martin, CTO, Ether Solutions

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