celebrating 10 years of applicita – from the founder

where it all started…

where we are today…

I remember first thinking about starting a company back in 1999 or 2000, but the business we know and love today started 10 years ago in May.

Even though I’ve been thinking about this milestone for months, it still seems crazy to write about it: Applicita is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows.” - Rocky Balboa

I wish I could say that Applicita came into being because I was brave and had a choice … I can’t … and it didn’t. I’d been too afraid to start a company and follow my dream but, through a series of difficult personal events, I found myself with very little to lose. I was convinced I’d fail within 12 months, but I also knew that failure would only be bearable if I remained completely focused and gave it everything.

The bit between that moment and now is a long story, full of lessons learned, successes and some failures. I’m delighted to say there are many more successes than failures!

My own place within the company has changed completely but I still love what I do. What started as working in the company, designing, coding*, deploying and managing solutions for our clients has turned into a role working on the company.

*I still code but only for fun in my own time.

I now spend most of my time as an advocate in one form or another. Advocating for the use of software and technology in business, advocating for our team to make sure they have everything they need to do their best work, advocating for our clients’ interests and ensuring we are delivering the best solutions.

When I was thinking about this milestone, I decided I wanted it to be a tribute and a thank you to everyone who has, at some point in Applicita’s history played an important role in making us who we are today.

If you are not on my list, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you. You and I know who you are and how you’ve helped. Thank you!

a special thanks to…

Vitaliy Rebruk, our first hire, is a great developer who still works for us today. Vitaliy’s dedication and ability as a developer set the benchmark at Applicita. Vitaliy is a talented engineer with a direct, no nonsense approach and a special brand of humour.

Admir Mujkic, Admir Mehanovic (the two Admir’s) both childhood friends came to work for Applicita as developers soon after Vitaliy. They’ve both gone on to found their own company Infinity Mesh with whom we have an incredibly close relationship even to this day. Their dedication to high quality and their passion for their craft is as strong now as it was when we first started working together.

Marie Grainger (now Marie Kattenhorn), without whom there wouldn’t be an Applicita today. I met Marie 6 days before forming Applicita on a blind date, she would go on to become our CEO, our second full-time employee, my best friend and in 2020 my wife who gave up a successful business of her own to focus on Applicita. Marie has developed Applicita the business into a highly professional company with the financial, commercial, and operational capabilities for which I didn’t have the skills. She has built an amazing team and deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the success of Applicita – thank you my love x

Ceri Parkes – From the moment I met Ceri working for one of our clients as a contractor I knew I wanted her to come and work with us. Her drive and attention to detail in understanding complex projects from multiple angles and her no-nonsense approach to getting things done should strike fear into the hearts of our competitors!

Richard Forss – Thanks for being our first customer, thanks again for continuing to use our services and placing your trust in us. We will eventually tie our diaries together so we can meet up in Bath or Geneva!

Jesse Moore & Nick Hughes – Founders of M-KOPA Solar, they trusted us with huge projects core to their business and took the risk of engaging with a company many times smaller than themselves. You’ve both taught me so much as well as being a great customer. Jess, I’m so glad to have you as a fellow NFL fan even if you support the Bills!

Steven Law – Thanks for all your support and counsel in scaling Applicita. The best leader of people I have ever known, I try hard to emulate your leadership skills every day!

My father (John Kattenhorn) – Thanks for giving me the joy of problem solving, showing me how to programme a computer and being a great Dad. (I still remember how much trouble you got in with mum over the Oric Atmos – I still have this computer today!).

Applicita staff and contractors of the past – To everyone who has ever worked with us, I wish you well on your journey. You’re all missed and thank you for your hard work!

To the Applicita team of today, every day I look forward to just being around you all. I don’t know of a nicer, group of people who give their best every day. Thank you for being part of our team.

Our clients, far too many for me to list in this word limited blog. Just thank you for allowing us to help you and trusting us to deliver.

future of Applicita…

Applicita and its team is a company I’m immensely proud of, but I don’t recall being as excited about the future of the company as I am now.

Although we live in uncertain times, the opportunity for us to help businesses and organisations achieve their objectives with software and technology has never been greater.

I’ll just leave this here with a simple sign-off: here’s to whatever comes next, I’m certain it will be awesome!

John Kattenhorn

Founder and CEO

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