#breakingthebias of women in tech

There has never been a better time to discuss the IT/ Technology industry than in 2022.

Diversity and inclusion is one of the hottest topics in tech right now. We have been witnessing record levels of investment in the sector and generational shifts in workforce organisations.

the challenge

According to a government funded growth network Tech Nation, nearly 3 million people are employed in the UK tech industry. And with only 26% of those in the tech workforce being women, there is an imbalance that remains within our industry.

The great potential of technology in all areas of society coupled with the global shortage of IT Skills are strong reasons to encourage women to pursue careers in technology. As its been found that women are more likely to select a career in which they can positively influence the world, according to PwC.

Almost 40% of FTSE 100 board positions are held by women, but there is still a long way to go.

At Applicita, we are keen to get an insight into the women who work in technology and what their roles mean to them. Why did they choose to work in a software industry. What they aim to achieve going forward and what can we do as an industry to do better.

Our mission is to bring together and amplify the voices of our incredible females and work towards a more inclusive industry. Together we can create the change.

Q) What does women in tech mean to you?

“In some ways, it’s exciting and overwhelming at times, but I love it. It’s predominantly a “male world” but I think that its changing over time. We women need to support each other, and at Applicita we’re fortunate enough to get the same support from the male side as well.”

Q) Why did you choose to take the path of working in a software/tech industry?

“My dream job was a career in IT. Unfortunately, there are a relatively small number of women in this field. But women are vital to run important jobs, deal with real problems, showing a woman’s strength and fight for equality in any sector.”

“It is very important for the young generation, which has yet to choose a profession, to have examples of successful women in the IT world.”

Q) What can we do as an industry to do better moving forward?

“We have an organisation called ITGirls, a group made up of successful women from the IT world. They work with girls under 18 years old, to motivate and work with them in various branches of IT.”

“I think we need more of these organisations to help guide the younger generation in this direction. All in all, the role of women in IT is important to our development and progress.”

final thoughts

At Applicita, we’re always committed to maintaining an inclusive culture and progressive environment for everyone.

We’re pleased to have 2/3 of our Senior Leadership be represented by women, as well as in varying departments from QA Testing, Software Development, UX/UI Design, Marketing, Finance and Business Analysis.

For us, it’s all about the greatest talent!

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