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Join Applicita

Infrastructure Developer

We are looking for an experienced Azure Architect with a passion for the TechOps / DevOps movement. We have a number of projects to complete and you will be a key part of our team. On the technical side we are about infrastructure-as-code, continuous deployment, automation and pro-active monitoring to deliver value frequently to our clients.


We need a passionate and talented Azure Architect to work alongside the Chief Technology Officer who has a wide knowledge of Azure Services, cares about working as a team with the developers and testers to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. You should be comfortable with Azure Resource Templates / Azure Client Shell and be able to build environments from new as well as improve existing infrastructure.


We are a PaaS, cloud-first, mobile-first company so our stack is already optimised for Windows Azure although we also perform transformations for our clients so work with IaaS too.


For at least the next 3 months we’d need you on board full-time but we’re flexible though we need our time zone (UTC) to overlap with yours.


Experienced in:

  • Azure IaaS / PaaS offerings
  • Azure Resource Templates / PowerShell / Azure CLI
  • Azure Container Services / Docker / Kubernetes
  • Azure Operation Management / Application Insights / Alerting / Analytics


Interested in:

  • Service Fabric / Microservice Architectures
  • Operational Management / Monitoring
  • CI/CD using Visual Studio Team Services
  • Working in a DevOps Culture



  • We are super passionate about what we do
  • We value our team members above everything
  • We are honest and reliable


“Our people are important and so is your professional development”
Marie Grainger - Applicita Managing Director