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Does your system have your back? Record Keeping is no longer enough.

As we all endeavor to adapt to the challenge of a ‘new normal’ while striving to maintain our safety and our sanity! our digital lives are being put to the test. For many of us our homes have become our workspaces and the challenge of home schooling our children have resulted in our becoming ever more reliant on digital technology.


For many this transition while challenging, has been successful and in some cases very rewarding – allowing families to spend more time together and forging deeper connections with those around us by reaching out to help those that are more vulnerable in our communities.


For Housing Associations their ‘duty of care’ compels them to maintain their properties in a safe and habitable condition for their tenants. The complexities of maintaining good housing stock were already challenging, since Covid19 and the UK wide lockdown the gaps in their technology systems have become of ever greater concern to both tenants and landlords.


Applicita recognised some time ago that this valuable and unique sector is being underserved from a technological perspective.


Our research found that of the 1672 Housing Associations in the UK over 85% considered themselves to be using out of date technology, with 90% of these agreeing that they needed a digital transformation. We also found that less than 10% of Housing Associations provided online services for their engaging parties (tenants).


While other business sectors can raise equity finance and react swiftly, Housing Associations are constrained in their ability to shift smoothly. This has left them unable to make digital transformation a priority while protecting their residents and staff through the Covid19 pandemic.


Housing Associations find themselves in an unenviable position and so why we are committed to help them find a solution to some of their technological challenges.


New technology offers the foundation for creating an innovative, agile, and efficient experience for all Housing Association residents, staff, and partners. This in turn enhances social and emotional wellbeing. From a digital inclusion perspective, Applicita can help landlords get their tenants online – and so ensure their tenants are not locked out of an increasingly digital world which has a lot to offer.


Why User Experience Matters?

Actively listening to people to learn and address their true needs is the top priority when shaping the digital switch, while protecting both productivity and morale.


How Self-Service Helps?

When implemented correctly, self-service empowers the workforce and users to quickly and easily fulfill most of their needs themselves.


DIY at a Glance

Helping users find answers to their questions and complete small tasks themselves without needing to raise maintenance requests saves valuable maintenance resources, which is crucial while social distancing is being implemented. Additionally, this too also empowers the individual.


Predictive not Reactive

Using smart, advanced technological solutions and adopting a Predictive Maintenance & Repair strategy improves safety and reliability.

There can be no doubt that Housing Associations need modern, efficient systems but digital transformation is a long journey and cannot be achieved overnight. A long-term trusted Technology Partnerships is at the core of this solution. We believe that trust is only earned by repeatedly delivering for our clients again and again.


To talk to us about how our experience would benefit your Housing Association, give us a call today on 01908 470023.