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What is bespoke software and how will it benefit me?

Bespoke means "made for a particular customer or user," often organisations have complex or unique business requirements which off-the-self products can't implement. A custom software solution precisely tailored to your individual business needs improves operational efficiency and reduces errors.

What technologies do you use?

We are a Microsoft-first technology and software company. As a Microsoft partner, we’ve built advanced solutions using Microsoft technologies for over a decade, deploying them into Cloud, Mobile Devices, Web Browsers and IoT embedded hardware.

How do you deliver software?

We’re agile development advocates and in our experience that this method of delivery allows has shown us that this method of delivery often gives better results, faster than the more traditional waterfall approach.

Although not wedded to either, we discuss the merits and pitfalls of both these methodologies at the early engagement stage with our customers to understand which would be the best approach for them.

How long will the project take?

During the discovery phase, our business analysts will work with your key stakeholders and business experts to understand your requirements and what “done” looks like to your organisation. This will enable us to estimate the delivery timescale and degrees of confidence based on risk analysis.

How secure is your software?

We take the security of the solutions we build seriously; we conform to the industry best practices in designing secured systems (such as the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle).

Depending on the sensitivity of the data within your requirements, we can also provide additional safety checks through trusted 3rd parties to provide you with an independently verified assessment of the system built by us.

How is the project managed?

All of our projects are assigned a delivery manager responsible for ensuring timely and correct delivery of the solution to you. They are supported by business analysts, scrum masters and technical architects to ensure that the engineering delivery team has all the support they need to succeed in delivering the solution to you.

It’s important to the success of software delivery projects, that the customer plays an active role and so a Product Owner or Key stakeholder should be appointed to ensure a continuous flow of feedback between the organisation and the delivery team.

How do you ensure the quality of your software?

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality solutions following the latest technology and best practices. Each engineering team has assigned members of our Quality assurance group which in turn ensure that the solution that has been produced conforms to the agreed definition of done.

We also have a Technical Steering Group (TSG) of our most senior and talented technical team members with over 150 years of experience delivering software between them.

This group is responsible for sharing best practices across our engineering groups and reviewing our team output to ensure adherence to the standards.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP)?

On payment for work completed, the IP of the solution is transferred from us to you. This transfer right is protected by our contracts, which give you clear and unimpeded rights to the solution.

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